Monday, May 31, 2010

Naomi Litvin: Gaza Flotilla: Not exactly the St. Louis

MS St. Louis surrounded by smaller vessels, Havana, Cuba, June 1939

We are still sorting out what happened with the Gaza Flotilla. My brother called me just a few minutes ago telling me that the LA Times, and all the leftist news sources are blaming Israel for the fiasco. He was at shule this morning, when a verbal argument broke out between the lefties and the real pro-Israel Jews. I was up late last night glued to Twitter, trying to get all the latest news.

It has brought to mind, another ship, in another not so distant time, of a shipload of 900 + German Jewish refugees fleeing from Hitler's machine. The tragedy of the SS St. Louis, the 'voyage of the damned' in 1939, of course is a completely different story.

The people aboard the illegal Gaza Flotilla were clearly free people traveling with an evil mission in mind. But they were invited to disembark passengers and 'supplies' at the Israeli port of Ashdod to hot coffee and sandwiches prepared for them by Israeli IDF and the offer of redistribution of supplies, after inspection, to Gaza residents.

The doomed German Jews on the St. Louis were threatened and turned away from Cuba by President Frederico Laredo Bru as they were refused entry. They couldn't gain entry to the USA either and were turned away by President Roosevelt.They were turned back to certain horrors and death in Europe.

I, for one, am not fooled by this insane publicity stunt by these deranged Gaza flotilla ship of fools.

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