Sunday, May 30, 2010

Deja Vu: Relocate All The Jews To Israel?

I have an itch that I need to scratch about a dirty little secret, recently slipped into the main stream media by Hezbollah, which spoke of relocating all the Jews to Israel in order to kill us.

I first heard about this subject and posted to my blog on April 3, 2010 the Exclusive Shocker: Anti-Jewish Email From South African Racist Published Here. It was about an email and its tail (yes, tail vs. trail) that had been forwarded to me by a Twitter follower. Contained within this missive was the concept of relocating all Jews to Israel. The shocker for me, was that the rants were delivered not by Islamic jidhadists, but by South Africans, cloaked in double-speak and the usual scapegoat-ism blaming the Jews for all the world's ills.

This was a Deja Vu. I noticed the spine-tingling Twilight Zone shivers that often come to me as an early warning system. Where had I actually heard this 'relocate all the Jews to Israel' before? And why was it buried so deep, within my psyche and why did it hurt so much?

Calling for the genocide of the Jewish people is certainly not a new concept.  For example, preceding and during 
World War II they demoralized us, dejewified the cities, and murdered those of us and others who were too young, old, or not up to their 'standards.' They enslaved us, as been done many times in history, and worked us for their war machines and to build up their national corporations until we were not useful any more. All the while their diabolic, wholesale slaughter war machines gassed, incinerated, and buried us alive.

Our enemies best be careful today, because they if try to nuke us they will take their own families down in the fray.

Yes, I had heard this whole shtick and felt it in my Jewish DNA. Thousands of years of Jewish killing fields have been conveyed to us from childhood. They include all the Yiddishkeit stories passed down by our Zeides and Babas (the ones that hadn't been killed.) Stories told with tears and celebrated with our precious Jewish holidays.

This blast from the past, the demon-seed theory of sending all Jews to Israel and calling for the destruction of the Jewish State, is coupled with the rest of the rampant runaway train of online antisemitism by Islamic jihadists. Their allies, accomplices, and collaborators who are recruiting and joining jihad are trying to wear us down.

Just be assured that there are those of us who have learned the lessons of the past.

Naomi Litvin is a free-lance writer living in Israel. We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story is Naomi's her first book and includes a foreword and maps by Sir Martin Gilbert.


  1. When i read this kind of thing as fast as i can of what already know and to me sick to my bones. Just keep on the fight defending Israel cause Israel is protected with friends and on it's own.

    "Our enemies best be careful today, because they if try to nuke us they will take their own families down in the fray."

    If this is the way, not be afraid and head on to defend what is of yours. From me and Portugal.

  2. Thank you Augusto, I appreciate your comment and your support. Wonderful to hear from Portugal!