EXCLUSIVE SHOCKER: anti-Jewish email from South African racist published here

Spring cleaning of my Outlook mail has produced an extreme piece of nauseating racist and anti-Semitic garbage. So much so, that I let this trail of emails languish in the box since December 2009, not knowing what to do with it. Now, I have decided that it needs to be seen.

The fellow that is behind this crud is Jan Lambrecht, from Johannesburg, South Africa, with correspondence with his cronies. He wants to put the "Jewish issue to bed" and says "the Jewish question is an ongoing and never-ending complete nuisance..." He starts out praising certain things about Jews, but you'll see further into it, his rant includes, "...clever, rich, argumentative, difficult, and understands why the Germans became angry with the Jews." In the end, he states his belief that all Jews should be 'relocated' to Israel.

I am not pretending to know a thing about South African affairs and politics. All I know is what I read, and how I feel after I read it. So go ahead and read this, and please comment back on how you feel. And then get the sage out, because you will need a good smudging after you read it.

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From: Jan Lamprecht
To: JoAn Wilcox ; 'Frederick Prinsloo' ; Gairk
Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 1:15 AM
Subject: Attention: How the heck did this happen?

Hi Guys,
Who approved this comment for this story?

Personally, the Jews are peeing me off at the moment, but I want to remove ALL Jewish issues from the damned site.
Why was this approved?


From: Frederick Prinsloo [mailto:frederick.prinsloo@bigpond.com]
Sent: 23 December 2009 05:29 AM
To: Jan Lamprecht
Cc: Gairk (AFC); JoAn Wilcox
Subject: Re: Attention: How the heck did this happen?
Importance: High

Hi Jan

It is quite probable that I allowed it through. I researched the things that he was claiming, and I found that what he wrote has fact:

Marx - Jew
Lenin - Jew
Trotsky - Jew
Yakov Sverdlov - Jew
Grigori Zinoviev - Jew
Karl Radek - Jew
Maxim Litvinov - Jew
Lev Kamenev - Jew
Moisei Uritsky - Jew

And the majority of the russian revolutionary top tiers.
Then I thought this is interesting...but what about South Africa ?

Denis Goldberg - Jew
Lionel Bernstein - Jew
Bob Hepple - Jew
Arthur Goldreich - Jew
Harold Wolpe - Jew
James Kantor - Jew
Kasrilis - Jew
Albie Sachs - Jew

And the list goes on and on
I even researched this much deeper, such as the American Communist parties etc...
I was quite shocked at the extent of jewish involvement in communism...

In light of this, I made the choice that in declining the post, would I be undermining fact? The post is well backed by fact, and it was related to the article, and so I could not delete it.

Just a question Jan, so do we COMPLETELY deny comments about Jews, even if they are fact and relevant to the article?

From: "Jan Lamprecht"; pbs@iafrica.com;debbieh@tds.netdebbieh
Date: December 23, 2009 2:50:41 AM CST
To: "'Frederick Prinsloo'"; frederick.prinsloo@bigpond.com;
Cc: "'Gairk \(AFC\)'"; flatrsa-gairk@yahoo.co.uk>, "'JoAn Wilcox'"; jwscorpio@rocketmail.com
Subject: RE: Attention: How the heck did this happen? About the Jews... The Raw Facts about Jews

Hi Frederick,
Listen, I’m going to say this again. I know very well about Jews and where they are. I’ve worked with many Jews over the years and they tell me *LOTS* that I don’t even discuss. I am going to challenge you on another point. You say Jews are Communists right… YES, you’ll find Jews everywhere in communism. But then, go among the Jews and then do this piece of research. Go and search SOUTH AFRICAN COMPANIES OWNED BY JEWS. Go and do research. And I am going to tell you that you will find a much, much, much longer list of Jews. Jews own almost every major company in South Africa . Do you hear me? If I speak to Jews and I hear who owns what – FIRSTHAND – I can tell you the list of CAPITALIST JEWS is about 100 times longer, maybe 1,000 times longer than the list below.

Then, go into SCIENCE, and see how many JEWS you will find there. Einstein was a Jew. Just the names will be clues. Look into science… and dig. You’ll find stacks of Jews.

What you will find is this: Jews DO HAVE A HIGH IQ and Jews by nature are academically inclined. Jews run off in 1,000 different directions at once. But the MAJORITY of Jews are NOT COMMUNIST. The Communist Jews are a handful.

Ronnie Kasrils, is a piece of communist garbage… JEWISH right? Well, Ronnie Kasrils IS NOT RECOGNISED AS A JEW. Jews in South Africa are OPPOSED TO RONNIE KASRILS – Openly – go and read the Jewish media. Go and look. I’ve seen Jewish publications. Ronnie Kasrils is not even regarded as a Jew by Jews because he’s an Athiest and remember, “Jew” is a religion, so if you’re an atheist you can’t be a Jew.

Now, I have had close Jewish friends, and I will tell you this. Those Jewish friends of mine would tell me who in their family owns what and knows what. And I’m going to tell you, the Jews literally OWN SOUTH AFRICA . But the Jews are not communists. They are capitalists who will strike a deal with ANYONE. This is where the problem lies. The Jews will walk in there and strikes a deal with ANYONE. The Jews go for anything that they see as promising and furthering their own interests. So some become communists, most become capitalists – since they like education and learning. The problem is that because they are well educated and they focus their talent on intellectual things – THEY RISE TO THE TOP.

Go and do a study of how many Jews are in Govt, Law, Medicine, Science – in the WORLD as a proportion of their population of 12 million – and you will be shocked to the core.

The Jews get up there, they network, they do things, and they’re out to further their own interests. Not all Jews support Israel . Go and see, SHOCKINGLY – and to me this is a complete DISGRACE: How many Jews voted for and supported the ANC… How many Jews voted for Obama. Truly, it’s disgraceful. And to be frank with you, I’m sick to death of discussing this issue with my Liberal Jewish friends. I am so annoyed by this aspect of them. But I can quite see why they do it. The Jews look after their own skins and they go wherever the wind blows. If the wind blows left the Jews will all run off to the left. If the wind blows right, the Jews all run off to the right. They’re a funny, intellectual type of geeky people who seek money as their security. I doubt you will find many Jews in the ARMY anywhere, except in Israel .

Frederick, I welcome you publishing what you discovered, but I’d like you to do a full study. Do a FULL STUDY and then publish ALL the facts in a balanced way. If you want to do a study and a proper article on this matter for once and for all, and I’ll proof read it, then lets do it. I will acknowledge Jews all over communism. But go and see how many Jews are in the white house, the world bank, EVERY BANK IN FACT. Banking and Medicine are probably 2 of the areas almost totally dominated by Jews. Every 2nd doctor and specialist in South Africa is a Jew.

The Jews I have the most respect for are the Israeli Jews because:-
(a) They actually stand up and fight instead of being CHAMELEONS like the rest. The Jews of South Africa are mostly Chameleons. They’ll change colour as it suits them.
(b) Most of all, I personally, like and take pride in CONSERVATIVE JEWS. I have conservative Jewish friends, and they are firm, and know where they’re going. Take Yoel Lerner for example, ex South African Jew who wrote that fabulous article about Afrikaners and about small nations standing together. I know Yoel, and he is one of my conservative Jewish friends. Now my conservative Jewish friends are DIFFERENT. They have FIRM VALUES. Very firm. And they stand their ground and I like them. In fact, one of my conservative Jewish friends say: All Jews should return to Israel – it will be the best for them all. And, I think it will be good too. I support the idea of all Jews returning to Israel , and I 100% support the reason for Israel to exist – EVEN THOUGH THAT IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE SCRIPTURES. The Scriptures say that Israel will rise again WHEN THE MESSIAH COMES – which never happened. So technically, Israel should not exist.

Frederick, one Jewish friend of mine in the 1980s rattled off the list of prominent Jews in South Africa , and the list was as long as my arm. This was during Apartheid. All sorts of people I did not even think of – Reeve Foreman. Remember her? Stinking rich and Jewish. The list goes on and on.

In recent weeks, I was told the following massive chains in South Africa are owned by Jews: Builder’s Warehouse, Dischem, etc. You will know Pick ‘n Pay… is Jewish. Go through the list of major companies in South Africa and YOU WILL BE SHOCKED. The Jews own more than you can believe. They did it under Apartheid and they do it now.

BUT, for the record, since ANC rule, more Jews have fled from South Africa than ever before. I knew a Jew who owned a clothing factory who relocated to Australia . Vast numbers of Jews have left. The Jewish population of South Africa has dropped CONSIDERABLY since ANC rule.

If we are going to publish things about Jews, then let’s not publish 20% or 10% of the story. Let’s publish THE FULL STORY. Get all the facts – and you’ll see that for every 1 Jew who became a communist, 100 others, if not 10,000 others became CAPITALISTS or entered some other area. Jews do rise to the top because they work hard.

Karl Marx was a Jewish liar who invented an idea which was intended to make him the dictator of Germany . That’s what Karl Marx tried to do. When he could not take over Germany , he tried to take over other countries in Europe .

Now I’ve been among Jews. I’ve been in a synagogue and I’ve been to talks by Jews and where the entire audience was Jewish except for ME. I’ve watched Jews, and Jews can argue. Their speciality is endless intellectual debates. They debate and argue endlessly among themselves.

I wish I could get a list of companies in this country where the majority of shareholders are Jewish – and you will fall on your back.

The Jews AS A MATTER OF COURSE, LIKE TO GO TO THE TOP. The Jews, if they have a problem, go straight to the President of South Africa. They don’t muck around. The Jews talk directly to Mbeki and Zuma. I know this. It happens. I know people who were there. But then… get this… the Jews chat to the President of the country, ask him to speak to them… they question him directly… and, this is too funny, he stands there and lies into their faces… and MANY OF THEM BUY IT!!!!

The Jews are DIFFERENT, they’re really a bunch of geeks. That’s Jews in a nutshell, and they ALL walk around with BIG IDEAS. All of them. Some of them, make it. Many of them don’t – but trust me, they have enormous ideas. I know this. I’ve spoken to them. They’re different. And, they’re very successful. Money is their thing. They go after the money for security and power. And they network closely with each other.

Furthermore, the Rabbis are very clever. I must tell you, the Jewish Rabbis are truly clever men, and those Rabbis keep the people together. Judaism is a very clever religion. Jews for example convert others and bring them into the fold. Its rare for a Jew to become a Christian but common for Christians to become Jews – and by the way, many AFRIKANERS become Jews. Some even change their names during the process. Yes…

Yes, those other people are RIGHT, LOTS OF JEWS IN COMMUNISM – AT THE TOP. You won’t find them at the bottom or middle. You’ll find lots at the TOP. But that does not mean most Jews are communists. Not by a long shot. Most Jews are CAPITALISTS – but they’re capitalists WHO WILL DEAL WITH ANYONE. Why? Because these Jews make a business of being different AND GETTING DIFFERENT TREATMENT. The Jews are good at playing this game. The Jews know that in this world, there are no rules and that you can negotiate EVERYTHING… and they do. They’ve got the balls to do it. And they do.

Most Jews don’t become stinking rich and many are poor, but even among the poor, you’ll find seriously big ideas. I know Jews who will NEVER SUCCEED, but that does not stop them from talking as if they could own the world. Most by far as involved in commerce, and you should see how stingy they are and save money. I can tell you stories. They will not buy clothes, etc – in order to save money, but they might have R1 million sitting in a bank a/c. Money is their thing… security is their thing. Jews are always a minority everywhere and they also feel threatened. So in SA where the blacks are the majority, the Jews naturally tend to go with the blacks. Jews are a community and stick together, and those clever rabbis manipulate them and manoevre them (its all part of the religion) and keep them together – even though they argue INCESSANTLY with each other.

One Israeli General once said this to his troops (because Jews can’t be commanded – they are difficult and argumentative as I say). He said to his troops: “I am not going to order you to dig fox holes. But I will tell you this. If you don’t dig them you will die. The choice is yours”.

That sums up Jews. Frederick , go and do some research on what the Jews OWN – and they may be secretive so they don’t openly advertise it – and you will be completely SHOCKED. They own the world. Well, if they don’t own the world, they pretty much own South Africa .

But I am sick to DEATH of communism being called a Jewish conspiracy because communism is such a tiny part of what the Jews do. A handful of Jewish assholes became communists. Those who run around talking about Zionism and Jewish Communism should go out there, and study ALL that Jews get up to… and present it in a balanced fashion and you’ll see for yourself.

For us whites in Africa , the Jews have largely stabbed us in the back and sided with the blacks even though the Blacks have the Jews on their list of people to annihilate. Personally, I like the idea of Jews relocating to Israel . I think the Jews should return to their homeland and be a nation by themselves instead of having colonies all over the world. I think it will get rid of a lot of HATRED and ANGER towards Jews. And I must say, I personally find the Liberal Jews truly annoying. Their bending over towards our enemies is a serious issue. They undermine those who would otherwise stand.

The Jews I like the most, by far are the rising numbers of CONSERVATIVE JEWS. I like them the most. I would call them “Friend” in a heartbeat. But the Liberal Jews, like Helen Zille, who was anti-apartheid and wears it like a badge – I am sick of them. They are helping our enemies. And that’s why I say they’re chameleons. They don’t regard themselves as “white”. The Liberal Jews of South Africa make me so cross. They whine about the ANC but they played a MASSIVE ROLE in helping the ANC – and these were capitalist Jews. Even the super-capitalists, the Oppenheimers… look at what they did: They kiss the ANC’s ass, help them to come here, MEANWHILE, oppenheimer moves most of his cash out of South Africa …. Why, because deep down even Oppenheimer does not trust the ANC!!!!! But publicly, he is all for the ANC! And while Oppenheimer is moving his cash out, downsizing his business, etc… where are WE LEFT? We’re left here to take it in the neck from the ANC. The Jews have other options which we don’t have, and so they can play games that don’t matter too much to them, whereas we are in a different position. And that to me is extremely annoying. The Jews are undermining what Afrikaners are doing.

Now in America , it seems to me we will see a recurrence of the same pattern. The MAJORITY of the Jews of America will stand by, weaken the Right Wing and play their role in leading America to the left to its destruction – because the Jews will just guard their wealth, move it out, strike new deals, etc – but the average man in the street will take it in the neck. The Jews operate on a different level to the rest of us. They operate “up there” almost all the time, and we’re “down here”. So that makes for a serious problem.

I can understand why the Germans became angry with the Jews. I can see why, despite my own efforts, some of my Jewish friends annoy me intensely. They think and operate differently. Read: RICH DAD POOR DAD where the Japanese American tells you: The Rich operate differently to the Poor. The Rich know that all rules are malleable. The Jews know this. The Jews negotiate and manipulate and manoevre to get the best deal FOR THEM. It might not be the best deal FOR YOU AND ME. But it’s the best deal FOR THEM. And that’s their game.

I think that is how it is that Jews end up being hated in so many countries because they are SUCCESSFUL at getting their own deal so often, and perhaps to the detriment of the locals. Hatred of Jews is nothing new. But this method of operation – how the Jews survive – is a thing that goes back 2,000 years to when the Romans threw them out of Palestine, and since then, they’ve evolved this way of living. But I do believe, even in the time of Jesus, Jews were a difficult and argumentative people. But there is also creativity that comes out of this, and that’s why the Jews dominate our religion and thinking. The Jews, through their irritating intellectual manner (I have a similar irritating, argumentative nature myself), actually come up with ideas before the rest of us.

So Jews do good, but they also have a way of bringing hatred upon themselves at the same time. Personally, I wish the problem would be solved – for them and for us.

I believe in nationalism, and I think the Jews must return to Israel . I’d like us to be friends with Israel . I would not mind Jews among us, if only they would stand by us. But I think in SA, the Jews have made it clear, they want to be allied to the BLACKS. In which case, the rest of us whites must know that the Jews=ANC. I think this thing should be sorted out and made clear. On whose side do they want to be, because to me, if they want to be on the ANC’s side, then I know they’re the enemy. And then the Jews like Helen Zille should not be running around looking for Afrikaner votes, etc. Then they must stuff off and get the votes of the blacks in Soweto . But the reality is, that more Afrikaners (by far) vote for Helen Zille than blacks do – for which she is probably not even grateful – the b*tch who runs around saying how great it was to stand against Apartheid. I’ll bet you more Afrikaners vote for her than any other group.

Personally, I think a lot of South African Jews are also cowards which is why they side with the ANC. To have to side with the rest of us whites would require balls and they have none. And I think of one of my friends when I say that. One of my friends falls into this category. You can no doubt tell that I’m very annoyed – and I am, because of some recent events which I regard as betrayal. I can’t stand it when people you believe are your friends can’t stand by you. I stand by them, but when there’s a whiff in the breeze then suddenly your “friend” changes sides. That, I can’t stand. In my books, you’re either a friend or an enemy – make up your mind which one you are and I will treat you accordingly. I have no time for games. Are you friend or foe? Hurry up and choose. J

Actually, you raise interesting issues Frederick. Do some research on Jewish ownership in SA. It can’t be much of a secret. Then let’s write a piece which we can refer to.

With regard to why you approved those comments. Ok, I see your reasoning. But I do want to put this Jewish issue to bed. I think I must write a piece on AC about this, a big piece, and we post it and we refer to it whenever the Jewish question comes up. The Jewish question is an ongoing and never-ending complete nuisance to me. The Jews I truly feel close to are conservative Jews – of which there are far too few, but I wish we could see more going that way.