Saturday, February 6, 2010

Naomi Litvin: The John Birch Society: SPIN CYCLE: Part 2

This is Part 2 and the continuation of
The John Birch Society: SPIN CYCLE: Part 1 

Sarah Leah Lawent had something to share about the subject of The John Birch Society in the USA. This is what she said: 
"I remember in the late '60s and early '70s, in Connecticut, there was a 1-800 number you could dial that was hosted by The John Birch Society (and also connected to the DAR).  We used to call it the dial-a-hate number, because it spoke of the Socialist/Communist conspiracies, supported by the Jewish Zionists, Negroes, and other enemies of the free, white, Christian values that America was based upon.  It was shocking, and as teenagers, we just couldn't believe anyone would really take this drivel seriously.  Then we discovered that Welch's - the Welch's that put jelly on our PBJ's we had taken to school all those years - was a major player in this.  Needless to say, I switched brands."
 Peddlers of fear: The John Birch Society
" would be folly to laugh off the danger to democracy represented by the John Birch Society. There are clear differences, of course. But there are also remarkable similarities between the early Nazi movement to Germany and the John Birch Society in the United States..."- Milton A. Waldor

Little Green Footballs said  Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition
"The John Birch Society, whose conspiracy theories eventually became so fantastic that it faded into irrelevance, has edged back toward the mainstream – or at least the mainstream of conservative thought..."- Charles Johnson

From the John Birch Society website
"’s been a record setting year for The John Birch Society online. Traffic to this website and to our partner site,, is up substantially. On we’ve seen a 60 percent increase in traffic over the last 12 months. At, traffic is up by a stunning 105 percent!"
Pajamas Media
"By having the John Birch Society sponsor it, CPAC can guarantee that 90% of the coverage regarding the conference will relate to JBS’ oh-my-god-look-a-conspiracy attitude rather than the heavy-hitters and rising stars of conservatism and libertarianism that speak there. Instead of focusing on politics, reporters will ask attendees for their response to the JBS controversy and will ask organizers whether they are in such financial distress that they had to embrace a fringe group for support."- Ryan Mauro
Naomi:  How does The John Birch Society purge themselves from what they were in the past without doing the first basic task, and that would've been changing the name of John Birch Society? Why keep the name if they are really changing their ways? I fear that the audacity of this group, which reflects their historical groupthink, betrays their 'secret.' That secret and a big clue to answers to my nagging suspicions is that a criminal usually returns to the scene of the crime, if not physically, then ideologically, and imparts all the past negative fallout to present society and of course then, to the future of the world.

Stay tuned for The John Birch Society: SPIN CYCLE: Part 3. I will be covering some of the CPAC side show and also going more into the left's reaction, typified by Rachel Maddow's over the top reaction, on MSNBC.   Her drama doesn't help in questioning the relationship between The John Birch Society and CPAC . We don't need all that theatre, it subordinates the real issue.

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  1. What, exactly, was "over the top" about Rachel Maddow's JBS-related comments?

    I agree that she got some of her facts wrong -- but her essential premise was correct.

    Most people are clueless about the underlying ideology which informs JBS thinking. For PR purposes, they tend to minimize or euphemize their contempt for all of our political leaders and government officials -- but the JBS wants a day of reckoning to commence. And that day would begin by indicting for TREASON such people as Bill Clinton, Sen. John Kerry, Jimmy Carter -- and anybody who shared their beliefs and values!

    See my report for further details:

  2. Thank you for your comments and your research, which I am reading now. Regarding Rachel Maddow: I was speaking about her performance during her show which is shown on youtube. I was glad that she did it but my criticism is with her drama. I agree with her in that it an emotional and important topic, but I think she loses points for acting so goofy. How do you link Clinton, Kerry, Carter to JBS?

  3. Rachel probably believes that humor or ridicule can be an effective rebuttal to conspiratorial narratives -- it is just a matter of her style.

    Not sure what you mean by how do I link Clinton, Kerry and Carter to JBS. Do you mean how do I know what the JBS position is on those individuals? If so, the answer is, I've read the monthly JBS Bulletin.

    For example, early this year, the current JBS CEO (Art Thompson) wrote an article which lamented the fact that the Monica Lewinsky scandal distracted Americans from the "real" reason why Clinton should have been impeached. According to Thompson, Clinton should have been impeached for TREASON. Similarly, in previous years, the JBS has identified Sen. Kerry as a Communist and traitor and in the late 1970's JBS founder Robert Welch wrote a series of articles in the JBS Bulletin calling for President Carter's immediate impeachment for treason because, among other reasons, for his position on giving back the Panama Canal to Panama.

    Most people are clueless about the venomous ideology which underlies JBS beliefs. For PR purposes, it has been sanitized -- especially after the JBS lost an historic precedent-setting libel lawsuit and they paid $400,000 for their defamatory article which falsely described a Chicago lawyer as a "Marxist" and "Communist-fronter".

    The JBS operates in much the same manner as the Communist Party operated during the 1930's and 1940's when it attempted to beguile liberals into the Party through front organizations which euphemized Marxist dogma.