Saturday, January 2, 2010

No one can fire me from this job

Edith and Naomi Litvin
Being a Jewess is not an avocation. It is a birthright. For better or for worse, I was born into it and will continue to fight for it; the good that comes with it, while facing the hatred associated with it: all the murder, blame, pain, tzuris, and yes--joy that comes along the way. Last night while on Twitter and grooving to fabulous music sharing I was attacked by a drunken, wild woman who said I was 'masquerading as a Jew.' How does one masquerade as a Jew? And why would anyone purport to be Jewish, in this dangerous world and with the history that goes with it? I hesitate to compare myself with Daniel Pearl, but if I may do it in a humble way, with all due respect to his family, I will say forever that I am a Jewess. What prompted the assault on my character by the woman from Mississippi, was my tweet saying that 'America had not acted fast enough in World War II to save millions of Jews." I will not allow myself to be deterred from my platform and I do not see myself as having an albatross around my neck. No one can fire me from this, or lay me off from this job. This heritage is mine, earned by my people, who replenished the world with me, brought me here to honor their memory. I remain defiant and hope that the speck of dust that is me, can make a little difference.

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