Sunday, January 17, 2010

Naomi Litvin: The Jewish Problem on Facebook

Everyone who knows me and those following me on Twitter know that I am gainfully developing an online presence. One place where most everyone insists that I must do business on is Facebook. I have been on and off of Facebook for several months. It has been a personally sporadic and tempestuous relationship, mostly because of empathizing with others who were having bad experiences either with terms of service or with Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, Israeli boycotts, finding out that 'friends' were anti-Israel, and other related issues.
I finally decided to bite the bullet. The other night I decided to go to my Facebook page and see what I could learn. To my utter amazement, I found myself staring into a glossy black and white photo of hitler (I refuse to capitalize the word) where my  photo had been.

There was 'Phalestines" above his mug. I closed the page and tried again. Still saw the hitler face. Again, I did it and saw hitler. When I went back, the fourth time hitler was gone.

When I googled Phalestines, this is what I got:

I had just that evening tweeted the youtube link where Dr. Oboler discussed 'Imagine if hitler was on Facebook.'  Here is the blurb from his website telling who Dr. Oboler is:

Dr Oboler's research interests include the Internet and Web 2.0, online public diplomacy, Internet based hate and antisemitism 2.0, organizational change and process improvement, information system security, meta-research, artificial intelligence, systems analysis, and software engineering. Dr Oboler is currently the Director of Online Engagement at the Zionist Federation of Australia and Vice Chair of the IEEE Computer Society for Victoria (Australia).

I don't actually believe that the tweet with the youtube link of Dr. Oboler was a cause and effect of my Facebook page being hacked with hitler's portrait.

I am more inclined to believe that there is another reason that I was targeted. And that might be because I have been making a lot of noise lately against .ly = Libya URL shorteners, about who is using them: my list of 2,000* organizations, individuals, news feeders, governments (including the White House), Jewish and Christian organizations and leaders, and my opinion that I don't want to see Libya supported ideology infiltrating the internet. Creeping Sharia did a marvelous post about the subject. Check it out! I first heard about ly= Libya from David Appletree of the JIDF.

Conspiracy theory? This time the Arabs don't have to align themselves with genocidal maniacs bent on solving the Jewish Problem, they are the genocidal maniacs.

*Updated 29April2010


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  2. I know I don't have a book to promote, but personally I get far more hits from Twitter than from Facebook; and far more again from people checking out images I've posted on image hosting sites.

    Cool blog - have added it to my blogroll!