Friday, November 27, 2009

Conversations With Naomi: Erica and Baxter Return!

Due to popular demand, I welcome back Erica to Conversations With Naomi. It has been about a month since Erica's first interview. Here is her second interview:

Naomi: I have noticed that you really love Phish! Can you explain to us who they are and what they represent to you?

Erica: Phish is my favorite band, and yes, I really love them! I think only a handful of things bring a genuine smile to your face in life- those things for me are Baxter, Israel, and Phish.

Naomi: What is going on with this 'life evaluation'? What are you going to be announcing? Perhaps you'd like to announce it here?

Erica: Haha. I would announce it here, but my blog readers might get a little upset I told you first and not them! But here's a hint: I'm changing career paths.

Naomi: In your last interview, you spoke of your impending Aliyah. Are you moving forward with your plans to go to Israel in August of 2010?

Erica: I'm working on it, but I may have to push that date back because of this career path change. I'll make Aliyah to Israel, I just need to make sure I'm totally set before I can do it so I have to push back the date. I should be back traveling around there before I go though.

Naomi: How do you feel about the way the Obama Administration is behaving toward Israel?

Erica: I don't like it at all. I think the Obama administration wants "peace" at any expense, and they seem to think Israel is the enemy in this process rather than Islamic terrorists.

Naomi: Have you heard the spin that Bibi's decision to agree to Obama's pronouncement that Israel should stop settlements is really just a political manipulation?

Erica: No, I haven't! That sounds like an interesting analysis, but I think it's too hard to see at this point- right now everything is speculation and talk. Actions speak louder than words, and I think we need to see some things happen before we can get a full read on this whole situation.

Naomi: Do you have an alter ego that writes another blog besides Sababa! ? Have you changed your writing style since deciding to make Aliyah?

Erica: No alter egos here, no time! Maybe another day :) I think my writing style has remained the same, I think it's kind of hard to change your writing style unless you're moving along genres.

Naomi: Recently there has been a lot of debate regarding recent religious themes and controversies on TV shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Family Guy. In fact, your paper on Family Guy is excellent! I'd like to hear your opinion on whether a guy like Larry David from Curb should take more flack for his comedy than Peter, a cartoon character from Family Guy?

Erica: I don't think either of them deserves much flack. People also tend to send flack towards what they see- Larry David and Peter Griffin making these jokes on Curb and Family Guy- rather than realizing that Larry and Peter's actions are both subject to the writers of their respective shows and that they are pretty much just reading back the lines written for them. If you want to get mad and put blame, you should put it towards the writers. But personally, I don't think there should be blame on anyone because I think people take jokes either too seriously on the wrong way.

Naomi: Did you also write a paper on Ritual Sacrifice? Would you share some of that? Would you consider posting it on your blog?

Erica: Ahhhhhh! That paper! I took a class on Judaism in college and we had to write two different papers about ritual sacrifice. I don't remember what the second paper was about, but the first paper was specifically about Yom Kippur, difference between sin offering, and all that stuff in the Tanakh. I would consider posting it to my blog except I have no idea where it is! If I do manage to find it I will definitely post it.

Naomi: Thank you so much! Erica is not a cartoon character. She is a real person! I follow her on Twitter and read Erica's blog, Sababa

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