Friday, October 2, 2009

On Sukkos: Reminded of the Jewish will to prevail

My brother Joseph builds a Sukkah every year for this Jewish holiday called Sukkos. The Sukkah is a temporary room built onto the back of his house where we should eat our meals in for seven days and remind ourselves how the ancient Israelites spent forty years in temporary dwellings roaming the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. Our Sukkah has an open roof, filled in with tree branches and brightly decorated with ribbons, ballons, and colored paper. Tonight my family and some dear friends had a very beautiful and spiritual meal and prayers.

We also celebrated my Mom’s 86th birthday and I asked her to tell us a story. She then pulled up the sleeve on her shirt, and said to the children at the table, “Have you ever seen a tattoo from Auschwitz?” They were curious, and came over to her to see her arm. The tattoo is faded, but still visible.

My mother said, “I was very, very happy that day when they tattooed me, because I knew then that I would live. They only tattooed those of us that were to survive.”

It made me think, that here we are in 2009, and again, we are at risk of being destroyed. Our enemies may try to tattoo us with their hatred, but it only confirms our will to live.

Edith Festinger
Lake Nagybana

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