Monday, October 12, 2009

My book sales are trending

I have got to admit that my on-line book sales have been a bit slow lately. Hand to hand sales seem to go better for me. The Sonoma County Book Festival in Santa Rosa, CA on September 19th was very good. Even though it was 105 degrees and I didn't have a tent, it was well worth the drive up. My friend Katherine Boschetto showed up to support me. I appreciated all the comments and good wishes from all who stopped by my booth and even those who just smiled as they walked by. It was a perfect way for me to celebrate the Jewish New Year, 5770.

It also doesn't hurt to be working in a Red Cross Blood Services Canteen four mornings during the week. It is like a mini-town hall, or Twitter come live; and what a natural breeding ground for me to pitch my book to blood donors. I'm working on my screen adaptation, so that's been getting discussed too. All of this going on face-to-face with people!

Well, gotta get back to my Tweetdeck.
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