Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What motivates J Street? Why would a Jew collaborate with the enemy?

I have been reading various blogs and opinions on what motivates J Street, a new political action committee claiming to be pro-Israel but in actuality are dangerous and mutinous traitors to Israel and to all the world's Jews.

We need to look back to what happened in Hungary during WWII in 1944 and the situation before the dejewification to the death camps. Hungary had been a relatively safe place for Jews. Certain Jews collaborated with Eichmann and other Nazis in order to save themselves. Hungary turned the Jews over. In my book We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story, I mention that my grandfather, who perished in Auschwitz, was a follower of the Rebbe Yoylash (Joel Teitlebaum) in Satu-Mare. The rabbi was saved by Rudolf Kastner of the Jewish Committee and their collaboration with Eichmann which saved certain rich Jews. My grandfather didn't have the money to save our family.

Fast forward to today where America is a relatively safe place for Jews. J Street is collaborating with our enemies, there is a lot of money involved, and their motivation is clear to me. They are trying to save themselves. How can they be so dangerously naive? Will America turn us over to those who want to annihilate us again, like Hungary did?

*My cousin, Greta Meyer 13, was murdered in Auschwitz.

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  1. Just because someone calls themselves “pro-Israel” doesn’t necessarily make it so.


    In the end, J Street is a great “hope and change” alternative to real Israel lobbying. Hope for terrorists and change that reduces the support for the only real democracy in the Middle East.