Interview for the Detroit Jewish News Online

Author Naomi Litvin grew up in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Litvin’s family's World War II memoir is told in five voices. Sir Martin Gilbert has written the foreword and contributed maps to We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story. The following interview for the Detroit Jewish News by Janice Schooler Litvin gives some of Naomi's personal reflections.

Janice: What prompted you to write this book? Where and when did you first get the idea to write it

Naomi: First I’d like to thank you, Janice, for taking the time to interview me for the Detroit Jewish News Online. What prompted me to write this book is sort of like asking me, 'How did you learn to walk?' I have had my family’s story inside of me, sort of implanted in me, for a very, very long time. I always felt an obligation to tell the world this story, both as a platform against hatred and also for the love story. My parents' love story was always bigger than life, and I thought it had educational and entertainment value. For a long, long time I was afraid of the process though, because I was terrified of revisiting the horrors and subjecting my Mom to reliving the memories. So, I wrote snippets of the story, here and there, like on bar napkins and in college papers, and carried all of it around with me for years.