United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story

December 2, 2009

Dear Ms. Litvin,
I'm sorry for the long delay in acknowledging your letter. However, as you  may  know, shortly after we received your book from Rebecca Erbelding, a shooting occurred at the Museum and one of our security officers was killed in the horrific attack. In the days and weeks since the tragic incident, we have received a tremendous amount of correspondence and we are still working to respond to everyone.

Thank you for sending your book We Never Lost Hope and for your previous donation to the Museum's collection. Congratulations on the publication! Sharing the story of your family's experiences through the archival material you have added to our collection and now through your book helps to teach the lessons of the Holocaust, which is so important in this time of Holocaust denial and rising antisemitism. The stories of the survivors and witnesses provide us with a unique perspective on the history which resonates and teaches like nothing else.

As you know, Rebecca Erbelding forwarded your book to our Library and it is now an important part of our collection. Thank you again for your contributions to the Museum and to Holocaust education.

All the best,